3D Printer Filament

3D Printer Filament

Product Description

Product Name:3D Printer Filament

Country of Origin:Taiwan


color:red、blue、yellow、green、black、white、100up...Colors to-order

Detail Specifications

1.Specs: 1.75mm, 2.85mm , 3mm。
2.Material:ABS、PLA、HIPS、PETG、U3-Flexible、PVA、TPE、TPU、wood、PA、PP、PCL、PBT、TPV、keeping developing new material.

●Guarantee no any damages during the production period.
●Must within the size of 1.75mm or 3mm.
●Guarantee all the raw materials we used will get certifications from SGS, no regrind usage or unknown material.

Have been tested for 3D printing market, dozens of models!

We are factory.

Manufactured in Taiwan!